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Filtered Privileges on Views Doesn't Give Yes - g in Dropdown

Just pointing this one out. It doesn’t even rate an annoying since it works fine without the filter…

I was modifying a SYS view’s privs from SELECT to SELECT WITH GRANT OPTION and when the “Hide Users/roles…” option is deselected the dropdown functions with all 3 options. When “Hide Users/roles…” is selected the “Yes - g” option is not available.

You can’t grant with grant option to roles. That syntax is only valid when granting to users. I think you were looking in a row for roles when you saw the missing “yes-g”

It’s to a user. I think it is only occurring on initial entry for the first row when a user is on the first row. I have 3 mapped to DBA_USERS (user, user, role alphabetically). When it is initially filtered the first row only shows Y/N. Row 2 shows all 3. Subsequent selection of row 1 shows all 3. I had another scenario with (role, user, user, role) and it worked fine.

ok, thanks for the details. It should be fixed next beta.