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SB - Role - Script generated, Roles Granted To is not sorted by GRANTED_ROLE


Generating a script for a Role, the list of Role Granted To is sorted by GRANTEE (not very useful). Would be very nice to add GRANTED_ROLE to the sort. I have Roles with a large number of other roles granted to them and the generate script is very hard to follow. The System Privs and Object privs are nicely sorted.


I agree. It’s too late for 12.7 but this will be in the first beta after that. Thanks.


Thanks John. Since you all are in the process of getting 12.7 ready for GA, is it worth noting similar AV’s that I’m getting with the current beta? I’ve posted the log of one with several updates but received no responses, so I’m guessing it’s been resolved and I should just wait for the final product.


Still the same thing, when you switch connections with a lot going on in the Editor(s)? I’ve never been able to reproduce them. Mike’s really the best one to comment on this but he’s been out. He’ll be back soon though. It doesn’t hurt to keep posting them.


Keep posting