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Filtering in Result Sets

Version (32 bit)

Ran a small query, then filtered the results by clicking on the filter icon for the desired column. The data type of the TIME_BOX_SHIPPED column is NUMBER(6). I set the filter to be greater than 230000, but now one of the results does not meet this criteria. How can a record with a value of 82606 be included in the results?

The attached image shows the result set after applying the filter, the table being accessed, and the column data type that was filtered.

It's like the filter is being applied as if the data was text, i.e., text beginning with an '8' would be greater than '230000'?

I am able to reproduce as well. This appears to be a bug. Dev Team, please take note and log.

Thanks for verifying the issue Gary. I entered QAT-14948 for this. In our next release we have upgraded the grid control so maybe we will get a fix for free...I don't have time to check right now. Sorry