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TDP DB/TABLE filters

One of the features that could really use improvement is the db/table filters. They bring the import wizard to a crashing halt and often don't return results. For Teradata a DBC query doesn't take long, but through TDP it's a snail. Even after the database is selected the tables take forever to load even with a filter. Sometimes the filter returns nothing even after using a variety of wildcard options. We're using v5.1 and wish there was a way to override this feature. We can type what we need in faster.

I've moved it to the idea pond. Thanks.

can you give me more types of what you need to do faster so I can check what we are able to do?

You can see SQLs which we are using for getting data in the Execution trace log.

I am using the filtering of db/tables without any big performance issues. So do you think you can check queries which we are using for getting infos in the Editor and see if time is similar?


We have several thousand databases, which really shouldn't be a problem, particularly with filters. Up to now I would create a filter that was specific to the db by name as my database filter and then for my tables I would use a wildcard as all our tables have the same prefix. What seems to happen is it takes forever to respond for reasons unknown. It has worked at times, but the inconsistency is a mystery. Sometimes the filters returned nothing so I tried other operations, but contains or like generally should work. At times I wished I could just type what I'm looking for in which would be faster.

I'll have to take a look at the trace logs. Have not done that yet. I'll see what I can find out.

I'm attempting to list all tables for db National_DB which has already been found.

[.NET Data Provider for Teradata] [101001] Default database was successfully changed to National_DB.

The following is executing while the secondary filter is looking for tables prefixed with b2b_ (b2b_*) using a Starts With (Like) condition and case and invert selection set to false.

Select tabs.DatabaseName, tabs.TableName, tabs.TableKind
from DBC.TablesVX tabs
where tabs.DatabaseName = ?
and (tabs.TableKind = 'T' or tabs.TableKind = 'O' )
order by tabs.TableName Executed on Connection ID :

The query above is running for the db, but I see no table level query being executed. No tables are ever returned. Execution trace keeps logging the same query repeatedly.

If I set the table filter to it returns tables, but requires scrolling through thousands of tables listed.