"Find" functionality in Editor Result Set

Running TDA 2.5

From the help:

“Press CTRL+F in the Editor, Data/Results tab, or any tab in the Database Explorer.”

I can get FIND to work in the Editor and the Database explorer, but I cannot get it to find text in an Editor Result Set.

I’ve tried selecting the whole result set or just a column where I can see the string I’m searching for and I always get “the specified text was not found”.

Please advise if I’m missing something. Had same issue in prior version(s).


I don’t think the help file is correct. To search column data in a result set there are two filtering areas. 1) click on column header by the down arrow. You will see a filter cone. Click on this and a drop down will display all of the unique values or you can create a custom filter for that column.
2) If you are on the Data Table of the Database Explorer there is a filter for the whole table available in the top left corner. Note: This is not available on editor result set.


Actually, I’m testing in the latest build and it works for me. You need to make certain that either a row is highlighted or you place the cursor in a field in the Result Set/Data tab (this ensures that the data grid has focus), and then press CTRL+F. I’ll update the help file to clarify what you need to do first to make this work.

I still must be doing it wrong. I highlighted some rows and did a CTRL+F. I entered a search string and it is not finding it. What am I missing?


I entered Cr67,757 for this enhancement request.