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How to export results of "Find" action

Using the “Find” action from the TDP statusbar I was able to generate a table with all the columns in my database that contain a specific phrase. This is useful, but… How do I save this table and do stuff with this data? I’ve been right clicking searching under operation to find a way to save the data that took TDP about an hour to generate. Am I missing something?

I found a way. Ctrl A, Ctrl C and paste in xls; I should have thought of that before. Still, if there is a way of creating a table or resultset without needing to copy-paste&save outside TDP and connect to that file in TDP in order to use the data I would like to know .

what do you mean by “Find” action. In general there are several ways to save datasets.

  • From grid, select left top corner to select all or select your celss/rows. Then from right click menu choose Copy rows or Copy Cells. This gives you 4 options to save to outside file. But this is just expansion on what you are doing but allows you to include headers, etc.
  • From a data grid use the sent to menu to save to Local storage as a table (if you have pro)
  • From a data grid use the sent to menu to publish to Toad Intelligence Central (if you have pro and commercial TIC)
  • From SQL Editor or Query Builder the SQL can be saved as a Toad View and used as a table or inline query view
  • From Grid quick export can send to Excel and then you can connect to Excel as a data source
  • From Export you can export to access database
    Those are the ones that come to mind. I suspect I misses a few.

The "Find" action on the statusbar: