Unable to connect to MariaDB with SSL

Waited for the new Toad Version, because I need to connect to MariaDB via SSL.
But I can't get a connection to the database, get error message

Server did not respond within the specified timeout interval
(not very helpful)

Because I found a hint in another topic, I increase the default connection timeout value from 15 to 30.
After that, I get following error message:

Ein Verbindungsversuch ist fehlgeschlagen, da die Gegenstelle nach einer bestimmten Zeitspanne nicht richtig reagiert hat, oder die hergestellte Verbindung war fehlerhaft, da der verbundene Host nicht reagiert hat xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:3306
Port 3306 is the default Port for MariaDb, but nit the Port I configured in the SSL-Tab.

Should SSL-Connection work right now with MariaDB ?
I use Toad Data Point

yes, SSL should work with MariaDB. Can you open up a support ticket on this?
Thank you,