Toad Data point 4.01.775 connect to MariaDB

Trying to establish a connection to mariaDB in TDP 4.01.775 is this possible?
I get the following error when trying to connect either using mariaDB or a mysql connection.
The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found

By chance, have you tried upgrading to the latest version 5.0 of Toad DataPoint, and see if you have the same issue?

Otherwise, second best thing is to call our Support team for assistance.
That said, I have seen this before on older versions of TDP... Can you check your Hub Data folder location to check for any lock files?

Specifically, while TDP is NOT running, browse to
C:\Users<your-user-name-here>\AppData\Local\Quest Software\Toad Data Point Hub Data\Data
and delete any file named "Guardian.lock". Then restart TDP.

Ty for your response. I unfortunatley do not have that directory of taod data point hub nor a data directory for v4. Just have a cahce directoy. I did down load the mariadb ODBC driver and made sure the config is pointing to that. At this time, we do not have access or availabilty to download or install v5 of TDP. Thoughts

hello, I was bale to resolve config issue on own... TDP works in 4.01.775 connecting to mariaDB.
my config not needed the http:// for host

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