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Hints in Query Builder


Been using Data Point for a while now and have a question:

Is there a way to add Hints in the Query Builder?

My work around is to use Query Builder to generate SQL, then I cut and paste in a new Editor window and add my Hints there. Inefficient as all getout, but I haven’t been able to find anywhere I can put in Hints in the Query Builder.

Unfortunately Query Builder does not support hints.

I created enhancement task QAT-3643 to track your request.



Really? Seems like it would be such a simple thing. Almost like adding a comment. Anyways, thanks Aleksey, it was driving me nuts thinking I was something that I thought was basic.

You are right it looks simple but hints are platform specific and supporting them is more than just adding and keeping comment. For example in SQL Server and MySQL hints are extensions to the SQL standard.

So supporting hints will take some time but hopefully we will implement it.



Has there been any progress to being able to add query hints in the query builder interface?

Switching to the Query tab to manually insert this works but seems pretty inefficient.



We are almost complete on features for TDP 4.3. We have been focusing on a rewrite of the pivot grid and the hints didn’t get into this release. I will escalate it for the next release. Sorry[:$]