Focus lost on a search with F3


When I try to find some code I use CTRL+F, type my searched code and press enter. The search goes automatically to the first occurrence.

For the next occurrences I use the standard key F3 But since a few version, the focus on the code window is no more set, so I have to click into the window and then search the next occurrences. Even if I close the (disturbing) search window, the focus is lost.

I guess you understand that I’m not a mouse fan :wink: Could you please arrange this, like it was before ?



Hi martin_goblet,

i don’t remember that we have that feature before.

For now, we need to click on code editor to set focus, then you can use F3 for the next occurrences, and if close search window, the focus should not lost.

and you have a good suggestion for that, we have create story SQLNAV-2039 for this.