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Forcing Toad Data Point to migrate settings from a previous version to Toad Data Point 4.0

Recently a user reached out to me because when they installed Toad Data Point 4.0 they had mistakenly skipped past the pop-up that asked if they wanted to migrate settings from an older installed version of Toad Data Point. Here is how to force that pop-up to return :slight_smile:

How to manually force Toad Data Point to check to see if settings should be migrated.

Background: When Toad Data Point starts up it will check to see if this is the first time it has been run on this workstation by looking for the users app data directory for this version of Toad Data Point. If that directory does not exist it will conclude that the Toad Data Point has not been run before and it will create the directory and prompt the user asking if they would like to migrate settings from an older version. Note: this will not happen if the older version has been uninstalled before running this newer version.

To force this situation you will need to rename the current app data directory.

  1. Open Toad Data Point 4.0 and go to Help>About screen
  2. On this screen click on “Application Data Directory” link which will open a window browser into the app data directory we need to rename (usually this will be “C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 4.0”)
  3. Close Toad Data Point 4.0
  4. In the open windows browser back up one directory (to “C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\”, for example) and rename the “Toad Data Point 4.0” folder to “Toad Data Point 4.0 OLD”
  5. Restart Toad Data Point 4.0 and you should be prompted to migrate your settings
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