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Upgrade to 4.3 Stuck

I upgraded the TIC server with 4.3 and now when I try to run TDP 4.3 (which was automatically installed) on the server, it gets stuck on the ‘Setting Migration Utility’. Clicking on ‘Migrate’ or ‘Cancel’ doesn’t do anything. No way to continue on.

Anyone else get this? Any way to fix?



i do not recognize ‘Setting migration utiltiy’. Please open a support case so we can get details and correct whatever is occurring.

Huh? It is the popup that happens in TDP after every upgrade to migrate user settings/connections etc.

You could manually trick it by going to your appdata path and creating new dir for TDP 4.3 and copy over the files from TDP version you want to migrate to.

IE: Copy files from here

C:\Users%yourprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Quest SoftwareToad Data Point 4.2


C:\Users%yourprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Quest SoftwareToad Data Point 4.3

Thanks! Worked like a champ!

[8-|] I don’t know why that happened. i will keep an eye on it. But for now you are good.