Version updates

Every time I update, it sets up a new installation of Data Point, with none of my prior connections and settings. Importing connection settings is easy, but all the other settings I use, like my custom color schemes and other settings, is a major pain in the a$$.

  1. Is there a way to make updates to the existing Data Point installation, rather than a new install?

  2. if not, is there a way to import all the custom settings from the older version?

Hi there,

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience you're facing. To better assist you and address the issue you've encountered during the upgrade process, could you please provide more details on the specific user settings that are not being migrated successfully? This information will help us identify any potential bugs in the software or upgrade process and work towards a more seamless transition for your custom configurations.

For instance, are there particular settings beyond custom color schemes that are not carrying over? Any additional insights into the settings or configurations that are causing difficulty will be valuable in our investigation.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we'll do our best to resolve this issue promptly

NONE of the settings are migrated. Each upgrade is like a virgin install, and installs to a new directory by default. My current Quest Directory looks like this.

Is the solution to simply override the default install-to directory destination? If I point the 6.2 installer to the 6.1 directory, will that effectively perform the update, crushing the program files but keeping any config files?

In addition, 6.2 seems to not manage license registration in the same way, and I have not been able to register it. I'm still using 6.1 as a result.

I understand the settings and migration aspects. I wouldn't recommend installing a new version in the same folder (overwriting) for a specific reason. The use of different installation paths (folders) allows running multiple versions of TDP simultaneously (although this doesn't apply to the subscription version).

Speaking of the subscription, starting from v6.2, there are two distinct licensing versions of the tool. They are functionally identical. Based on the screenshot you provided, it appears you installed the new subscription version, which does not recognize your legacy license. It's crucial to note that these two versions are different.

I'm not certain how you obtained the subscription version; you might have manually downloaded it from the Quest support portal. I just checked the auto-update feature in the tool (installed v6.1), and it allows me to download the new version (v6.2) from the following link:

However, what you installed is hosted on a different link:

In any case, concerning the license issue, please download the non-subscription version, and you should be all set with access to the latest features and bug fixes. As for settings and migration concerns, I recommend opening a support ticket so that we can further troubleshoot the problem.

Installing the Subscription version seemed to be the main problem. I uninstalled it and installed the other one and it allowed me to import everything.

I notice (opening an older version), that when opening, there is a pop-up asking if you want to upgrade. If you say yes, you get the page you pointed to with the correct version. If you don't (let's face it we're all in a hurry), and instead later go to the menu Help/Upgrade Now, you get to a marketing page and finding the right page is very hard. That's where I found the Subscription version - it's the only one I could find.

Suggestion: make the Help/Upgrade Now point directly to the download page you linked.

Thanks for your help.