What's the easiest way

Guy, I haven’t been using toad for that long and the worst thing is that I need to learn how to use the tool on my own. The hardest part is that I need know how to use it properly very soon.
Now the hardest part is that I’m probably not using it for what it’s meant to be used for, but the principal is the same, showing relationships between entities.
My problem is that in this case I need to show relationships between key-fields and System-files. I have about 20 key-fields and 70 system-files. I have to link each key-field to a file that it appears in, which simple means that a key-field can appear in 30 of the 70 system-files and the next key-field in 40 of the 70 system-files. The problem starts when I have too many relationship lines on the screen. Is there anyone who can assist me by letting me know what’s the easiest way to show these relationship without having all these lines or a different lay-out whereby it will appear neat?
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Hello Errol,

Some tips:

  1. Enlarge entity box in workspace.
  2. Create several workspaces and display different parts of your model in every workspace (in other words, create shortcuts of objects in workspaces).
  3. Create shortcuts of entities and for each entity shortcut display different relationships to make it more clear.

Regarding options 2 and 3, please watch this movie on shortcuts of objects in TDM. It is the fastest way how to see and understand what shortcuts are and how to use them:

Note: To get a complete list of relationships + information on which entities it connects etc., you can try to generate HTML report.
Model | Report | in step What to Report, select only Entities plus its subitems and Relationships | in step Options, select only Sort Items Alphabetically | click Execute and Show.

Well, I hope something will help you a little.

If you have any questions, please write us back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team