Formatter improvement for parentheses


This relates to Toad for Oracle - Beta

I just observed the alignment for parentheses across lines has improved considerably.
Here's a capture from SVN compare:

I think the vertical alignment of the parentheses is a great improvement!

I would like it even better if the closing parentheses moved one column to the right of the associated opening parenthesis's column.
Others may prefer the current setting. I could find no option to choose.

Anybody else have a strong preference for either alignment?

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis


I just spotted what looks like a bug to me - opinions may differ :wink:

Here's the relevant section of the SVN diff panel:

On the line numbered 48 we see two closing parentheses.
Shouldn't they have gone onto separate lines to align properly with each one's associated opening parenthesis?