Formatting Code in a Split Editor Layout reset the cursor position in the second editor

I regularly use the editor in left-right split layout.
When I format the code, for example in the left part, the editor loses the cursor position in the right part and scrolls all the way up, while in the left part the cursor position usually remains.
It would be great if this would also apply to the respective other side.

Thanks. I can reproduce and have logged this.

This will be fixed in next week's beta.

As it seems, this is now half fixed :wink:

When I format the code in the left editor, the cursor position remains in both editor windows.

But if I format the code in the right editor, the position in the left window is set to the beginning of the file.

Oops! Ok, it's fixed 100% now. The fix will be in next week's beta. We've already built the beta for this week and this fix didn't make it in time.