Freeware : license expired (again) 7.2

Same message for me ( :frowning:

Any news?
What about beta version?

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Yeah, Beta version would be a good solution.
But i alerady send request to my support, that i need MS SQL Management Studio. I can't wait for Toad.


Still no fix or new freeware version or any response from the Toad team?


It's been several days now. I would be interested in purchasing Toad for SQL but the price is extremely too high. The only way to get the SQL Optimizer is the Xpert or higher edition and even the Pro Edition is almost 4x too expensive. Not everyone out there is using these products because they are part of a rich company and yet would like to use the features.

Are there any freeware site message/license keys you could post? Any fixes available soon? Any deep discounts for purchasing?

Effective immediately, Toad for SQL Server Free Edition is no longer available. Given that the Free Edition has officially expired for all users, we do recognize that this is a rather late announcement for the change and apologize that we did not deliver the message sooner.

Quest is offering a special one-time offer, good through August 31st, 2021, that will allow any Toad for SQL Server Free Edition user to purchase a single, one-year term license of Toad for SQL Server Professional Edition at 70% off. Click here to access the coupon on the Quest eStore.

If you would like to review the differences between the Free and Professional Edition, you can find those here, but also know that every Free Edition user is entitled to also try the Professional Edition, which can be download for a 30-day trial here.

@Richard.Schiller How about upping the ante to the Xpert edition for the same price so that we can actually get the SQL Optimizer features?

Hi Terry,

No promises, but I'll look into what we might be able to do...

So disappointed by this decision :crying_cat_face:


Yes, very disappointing. Will have to think about other products we do have licensed with Quest.

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Hi Richard - I purchased a Professional License on Friday of last week at full price - Is there any chance I could get eligibility for the discount retroactively and get the balance refunded?


Hi @Richard.Schiller, can you please confirm whether Toad for DB2 Free Edition is also longer available?

Thank you. Please keep us posted. We are several days past expiration so looking to either purchase Xpert with the deal or move to other solutions. I think most folks here are preferring to keep using Toad!

Hi @khanr1,

I know that this will be disappointing news, but yes, that is correct. I just posted about this in the Toad for DB2 Forum.

I do apologize for the (beyond) late notification, I assure you that it was unintentional. Also please note that you can download a 30 day trial edition of our commercial software to give you some time to figure out how you want to move forward. If you have any issues with the trial version, please email me directly at


Hi Terry,

Sticking with the poker metaphor, I have to fold. I am sorry, that is not something that we can offer. There will be a slightly different offer coming out in a few weeks that includes ApexSQL that you might want to consider.

I also want to make sure you have my apology for the (beyond) late notification about the freeware edition, and ensure you know you can download a 30-day trial of our commercial software to help bridge the gap while you make a decision on your next step. If you have any issues with that trial, please do reach out to me at

I do hope that you will choose to stay with Quest, but understand if you choose to go a different way.



Any idea if the new offer will include something very similar to Xpert? Does ApexSQL offer the same query hints as the SQL Optimizer? Will the pricing be a similar $109?

Very disappointing.
Thank you for the years and years for the freeware toad (oracle, mysql and sql server), even beta versions tests.
I did love the product and most of the free features, but it's not a cost I can justify to my company and too expensive for me personally.
I'll have to find alternatives.
Nevertheless, thank you.


Thanks for the update and clarification of the situation and the discount on the full version.

Are there any plans for a Lite version that had the same functionality as the freeware version? I only use the basic functionality, so the cost of a full version year on year is too prohibitive.


Thanks a lot very useful information which helps me a lot

This is a horrible decision by Quest. SSMS provides robust functionality that not all users need. Toad for SQL Server is somewhat more user friendly but a vast majority of your freeware users do not need the extra functionality that exists in the full product. The powers that be should recognize that the users that do not need the full product cannot typically justify the cost of the full scale product. Quest has killed a user base that would eventually benefit from the more full product.

I have been using Toad for over 20 years. I started with Oracle and a paid version. Now I'm on SQL Server and have been very disappointed that the UI for SQL server is horrid compared to Oracle. The Toad Sql Server UI is no better than the free SMSS which is why I cannot justify the cost, especially when there are no perpetual license options.

With this decision to retroactively kill a large user base, Quest Software will be removed from my list of viable options. Your competitors should be thanking you.