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Freeware : license expired (again) 7.2

I'm using Toad for SQL server 7.2 FREEWARE, and the license expired again.
Tried downloading the freeware version again but still the expired license message.


The exact same thing happened to me a few minutes ago, with the same version (7.2). I've been working fine with the product since January, and today until a few minutes ago. Same error.

I tried remove/reinstall, didn't help.

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I think this version is one year old now...
This has happened before.

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That's the latest version currently available here.

Same here. Also working fine for months.

Wow, I really hope they continue the freeware version - I feel lost.......Tried to use SqlServer mgt Studio to fix an issue today - Ready to gnaw my arm off....

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Mine also. About 30 minutes ago. Both 7.1 and 7.2 at the same time.

Same thing for me (7.2). Sad thing is that now , amazing how much suddenly needs to be done :frowning:

Same here. I have the latest freeware version installed, but the license is also expired

Same message for me (, could you fix this please ?

I' ve the same problem with Toad for DB2 7.2 FREEWARE.
There is a solution for this issue?


Same here.. tried uninstalling and reinstalling again but the same message

Any solution for this issue

The sad thing is that the solution/workaround is to start using other software and for me, every day I have to spend in some other solution the harder it will be to go back to Toad. Sure, for other databases I still use Toad.

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As it has been with all the previous versions of the freeware version it is tied to expire on a certain date, which seems to be today 2021.05.21
The only workaround is to change your system date to be before today, start Toad...

This has also been reported in:

I had version 7.1 it stopped working when 7.2 came out.
And 7.2 doesn't work.
It has happened before ..

When this happens, here's a temporary hack workaround that works for me:

  1. Stop any time services you have (Hyper V time sync, windows Time, etc.)
  2. Open the time/date in the toolbar and set the date back to something like May 7th, 2021
  3. Launch Toad
  4. Restore your date to today (restart the time services you stopped)
    As long as you don't re-start Toad, it will let you use it.
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You can also run a powershell script as administrator to do this.

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser
stop-service w32time
set-date -date 21-05-01
Start-Process -FilePath "C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for SQL Server\toad.exe"
start-sleep -s 10
start-service w32time
W32tm /resync /force


Unfortuanetly, the only way to keep using Toad for the time being is to uninstall 7.2 freeware and install the 30 day trial of 7.2. Hope that the new freeware version comes out before the 30 day period ends.