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Freeware : license expired (again)

I'm using Toad for SQL server (64 bits) FREEWARE, and the license expired again. Am I alone? It was perfectly working on Friday (April 3rd).

I can't update it without IT ticket and IT guys. Are all versions concerned by this restriction?toad license

Hi, Can you install Toad for SQL Server 7.1? After trial period it will convert to freeware version.
Edit: it does expire unless you upgrade to a newest version.

I had the same issue as above, this morning it was expired.

I uninstalled Toad, downloaded and installed the file ToadforSQLServer_7.1.2.166.x64.exe and when it finished and opened it still is asking me to enter a license.

I was able to get into to freeware version, I didn't realize that after install all I had to do was close the licence screen to get to the prompt to get into the freeware version.

upgrading to 7.1 fixed this issue.