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Freeware Version - Reverse Engineer Selected Tables not working


I am using the latest freeware version of modeller. Because of this I only want to reverse engineer <25 tables. I have gone through the Model > Update Model and File > Reverse Engineering option but each time I select a set of tables (say 7) and then change the option to ‘All Selected Tables’ it will still import ALL table in the database - 341.

Is there anyway I can limit the amount as I don’t want to have to manually remove 316 entities

Thank You


Good morning, Steve.

From which database platform are you attempting to reverse-engineer into Toad?

If SQL Server/Azure, I’ve had luck generating a DDL file contianing ONLY those objects to reverse-engineer & then importing the DDL into Toad.

Hope this helps.


Hello Steve,

I don't understand clear your procedure. I understand you do reverse engineering (or model update with RE). In step "Tables" you select only seven tables and than you press to "All Select Tables" ? Could you specify please what is "All Select Tables", on RE step Tables there are two buttons with similar mean - "Select All on All Tabs" and "Select All".

I'm confusing where you need deselect tables. Do you mean RE Wizard step "Tables"?

BTW: Freeware version are able to reverse only 25 Entities. If you select more than 25, only first 25 will be reversed.

Thank you for clarification


Hi Jolene.Jobe-Neuse

Thanks very much for your suggestion, just when I was using the DDL I noticed setting I had missed before that worked.

The setting is on ‘Options’ page, under ‘Items to Load’ - **Tables referenced by Selected Tables. **Since I had high level tables it imported 99% of the tables.

In case the Toad staff read this, I think it would be helpful that if Tables referenced by Selected Tables is checked in Options, that a note/warning about it appear two pages later on the ‘Tables’ page.



Hi Daril,

I found out the problem but will explain for clarity.

I selected File > Reverse Engineering > Reverse Engineering Wizard.

  1. Stored Connection - Had a SQL Server 2014 connection saved
  2. Select Data Source - SQL Server 2014
  3. Select Data Provider - Native Connection
  4. Connecting - Added Host/Database Name
  5. What to Reverse - Entities > Indexes, Relationships
  6. Options - Initially I had left this at default
  7. Tables - I selected 7 tables, see below. I do see my confusion, that drop-down list is suppose to be about Schemas but as you can see it has an option for 'All selected tables'
    Reverse Engineering Wizard 1.png

As you can see, without unchecking the Tables referenced by Selected Tables option it will in fact import all the table. However the 25 entity limit kicks in when I save it. It would actually have been nice if it told me during the reverse engineering phase as it did take a little while. There are a lot more table than shown

Anyway I got it to work in the end.
Cheers and thanks for you post.