Reverse Engineering Wizard

Hi all.
I have a couple of issues with the last screen of the Reverse Engineering Wizard (Tables):

  • When I use the filter feature, why do I have to add the schema name in the filter? It shouldn’t show the user/schema name in the table list either, since the table names being shown belong to the schema on the top.
  • Could it be possible to have a count of the number of tables being selected for reverse engineering somewhere in the screen?

Thank you, and please consider these couple of enhancements for any future releases.



Hello Ignacio,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

  1. Schema and filter - CR # 66 383.
    What can help a little - please select a schema from the User/Schema box and to the Filter box write e.g. ‘.T’.

  2. Number of selected tables - perfect, thanks! CR # 66 384.

Thanks for your great co-operation!

Have a nice day.


Thanks a lot.