FTP Error Code 553


We are trying to ftp text files to remote server using TOAD DATA POINT 3.6. We were able to set up remote server connections using a different client like FileZilla. We see no issues in ftp’ing the files using these clients. However with TDP we are getting following error when we try to ftp it.

“Could not create file.(code=553)”

Connection has been established successfully and we are able to navigate through directories and folders using TDP. Only when we move the file/ftp we get the above error.

Please help.

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I prefer to use Toad’s Run program step and call winSCP with command line arguments created by the Toad job. That way I can tell it to download only files created in the last 24 hours or less than or greater than a date I pass in from Toad, etc. Too many features in other FTP software that Toad FTP does not do.

To mtareen:

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I regret I was unable to reproduce your issue. In my research, FTP Error code 553 appears when the user does not have permissions to perform a specific action. Please ensure that the credentials are indeed identical.

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-Joshua Liong