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FTP Error Message code=550 No such file or directory


Trying to set an automated process to FTP a file and I’m getting “no file or such directory” error while setting remote directory on FTP options.I noticed the path has “home” twice in the path name. The correct name should be /home/rr2549.I’m using Toad for Data Analysis for Data Analysis Error MessageEnterpriseDT.Net.Ftp.FTPException/home/home/rr2549: No such file or directory. (code=550)


Hi, Rene!

Weeks ago I reported some problems with FTP in TDA v2.7. After that, Quest’s guys found a bug in the code and they solved it in TDA 3.0 BETA. Maybe you can give it a try again using the 3.0 BETA version and check if your FTP works then.

For a reference about my v2.7 FTP post:

Best regards,