FW: SQL Developer vs toad for oracle

See below for more reasons….


Chris forwards:

See below for more reasons....

I'd nearly forgotten the headache of trying to support my analysts running
SQL Dev until now....[shudder]

I especially loved how the analyst would craft a necessarily nasty ad hoc in
SQL Dev, sometimes taking an hour to run in our development environments.
When they would go to save the data from the grid, SQL Dev would have to
re-execute the whole friggin query! REALLY??!?? Of course, they would call
me for help. It ended up that any ad hoc of any size just got passed to me
and my sole copy of Toad to run.

It took less than 5 minutes to convince our CIO to get a handful of licenses
for Toad...

My analysts don't do PL/SQL. They use SQL either to troubleshoot problems
or for a one-off data request. The single favorite Toad item has been the
F8 SQL history. I thought that there was something like that in SQL Dev,
but apparently Toad's much better at it. :slight_smile:

Oh there are many more sordid tales of SQL D...

Rich -- [Team T]

Disclaimer: Friggin: adj. (colloq) freakin

Many years ago, in the Oracle magazine, Jonathan Gennick wrote an
article about a DBA with 15 mins to get something important done. It was
of course an article about SQL Developer and how wonderful it was back
then at release 1.0.

I posted a humorous repost on Oracle-L at

which Jonathan read, enjoyed and contacted me. As I had cheered him up
no end with my posting, he sent me a signed copy of one of his books.
Nice chap.

Seriously though, the points I make are valid. You may or may not be
interested of course.

Norm. [TeamT]

Write down host, sid and port

I’m disappointed in you Norm...

But ironically I do that most often myself as well. It’s still a conscious
effort to remind myself I have a perfectly good computer with text capabilities
right in front of me...


Roger S.