Toad Vs...

A few of you have contacted me offline, and I will respond personally to each
and every one of you, but I wanted to share a public document that Quest has
available on this very subject.

The Top Five Reasons to Choose Toad® Over SQL Developer

In this eye-opening tech brief, world-class Toad® expert John Pocknell reveals
how it’s not only possible, but is in fact quite likely, that you’ll wind up
saving more money with Toad than you will with SQL Developer — even though
the latter is free. And if you think that’s surprising, just wait until you read
about the revolutionary Toad features that dramatically improve your
productivity and code quality. From built-in expert advice to fast automation,
you’ll discover how Toad enables you to speed through SLAs today, and save time
on maintaining code in the future.

Now personally, I am not a big fan of the Vs debate. In a perfect world I would
let folks use the tools that best fit the job at hand. I personally use Toad,
SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, OEM, and a few other programs to do what I need to do.
Thankfully no one here tells me I HAVE to use product ‘X.’ But I
also realize that most of you work in the real world and you need justification
documents for the bean counters and checkbook holders.

I find that Greg and Norm’s approach works best most of the time. That is,
using personal experience and stories to relate how Toad has ‘saved your