Gather table stat RHS menu missing

Toad 13.2.30 x64 on Window s10 EE x64.
In previous Toad versions, when I selected several objects from Table RHS, I could get "Gather Table stat" action menu.
Now is gone, or at least it is not easy visible to me.
How to reach it now and why is gone (could it be return back)?
Adding picture so you can see mine situation:

This is happening on one object selected (one MView) and one maybe I have some upgrade mess in profile?

"Analyze" will open the window to gather stats

So this is now somehow different than before...thx

The Schema Browser menu was reorganized in 12.12.
The "Analyze" window was updated for version 13.2.

And when I select several objects, I cannot see analyze menu item, so I cannot perform multiple Gather stats as I could before?

I can't see your screen shot, but I can select multiple and then "Analyze".


hm, I can't see my screen shot either. I wonder if something is wrong with ToadWorld. :frowning:

Images finally showed up. You actually have a lot of things missing from the popup menu. Is Toad Security set up on that database?

Toad Security is no longer configurable from current version of Toad (the feature is deprecated), but the current version still obeys settings from older versions.

You'll need version 12.12 to configure it (It was under Database -> Administer -> Toad Security)

If you no longer have that version, there is a table called TOAD_RESTRICTIONS, probably owned by user TOAD. If you delete the row where feature='Analyze all tables', the restriction will go away (after you restart Toad)

or you can drop the whole table if you don't want Toad security any more.

Btw, 13.2.30 beta has expired and no new version is available....does it means new official version is about to come?

The official version was supposed to be available yesterday but due to an unforeseen circumstance, the new release date is Nov 18th.

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