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Analyze All Objects

A new "Analyze Objects" window has been created to replace "Analyze All Objects".
The new window has the same functionality as the old window, but the look has been updated and workflow makes more sense. The new window is available from Automation Designer. You may have to reset your toolbars to see it in the main menu (or you can use "customize" to add it manually).


  • In the new analyze object windows is there an option to select only a few tables for analyze and keep the others in the grid as it is in te old one?

  • Also I've noticed, that after succesfully finished the analyze the button "Finished" is grayed (see screenshot).

  • What is the button "Apply" for?

Kind regards,

Hi Jurgen,

  1. If you only want to analyze some of the tables, then delete the ones you don't want on the first step where you select them. There are a couple of delete options on the dropdown next to the "remove" toolbar button. For example, in the screen shot below, I am about to remove all except the selected tables from the grid.


  1. After you click "Run" and the action finishes, the "run" button changes to "finished" and goes disabled, just as a sign that you are done. If you go back and make any changes, then it will become enabled again.

  2. This window is now supported by Toad's Automation Designer. So if you open it from the automation designer, the "Apply" button saves all of the settings in your action so you can run it later. If you just Next->Next->Run, this happens automatically. So you really only need to bother with the "Apply" button if you want to edit/create the action without running it right away (to run later)

  3. If you don't care about saving the action for later, I suggest just running the window from the main menu instead. That way it can run non-modal, and you can do other things in Toad while it runs. If you don't see it in your menu, you can add it like this:

I know that I can delete rows from this view, but thats not what was available in the legacy version. There it was possible to check some of the loaded tables, run the analyses on this tables and after finishing select the next and so on. Would it be possible to get this function also implemented into the new one?

I'm sorry, the new window doesn't have that functionality. We removed the checkbox column because it seemed "clunky". This was not the first window that we've removed them from.

Just curious, why do you want to select some, then run it, then select others, then run it... Why not just run it on all at once? I am asking so I can have a better understanding of how the window is used.

Maybe we can come up with a way to do some of them...


Sometimes we have really long-running tables to analyze so I only start a cuple of them when resources are free on the PC and some more later. But it's OK. I was just wondering if I have to make some special settings...