Generate DDL more granular. Only Comments for example

Is it possible to generate View or Table related DDL without the "parent" CREATE TABLE/VIEW?

For example I would like to have a DDL config that will export only my Table and View comments. Because I want to be able to create my Database Schema(s) with and without the comments.
The same for my Indexes.

It would be ideal, if I/we could set the "Extended Value" for the Entities and Views to "Do nothing" instead of the "Create".

I already tried to extend and directly edit the related Scripts/Packages (Generations for...).
For example if I edit the PERCodeGeneratorUN script and remove the line
' -- Table <@GeneratedObj.FullName@> '
that comment still appears in the generated DDL Scripts.

Can someone help me at least with "Extending" the current behavior with a custom Script.