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How are comments generated in DDL scripts?

To the group,

I am using Toad Data Modeler I have a physical model constructed. The tables all have comments within the “Notes” tab of the Entity properties, and all of the attributes have comments within the “Notes” tab of the Attribute Properties window. Using Model / Generate DDL / Run, under the “Detail Settings” tab, the Create Comments checkbox is selected. When I generated the DDL, COMMENTS are not generated. How can I included comments within the DDL script? The target is an Oracle 12c database.

Thank you,

Jerry Donahue

Hi Jerry,

Notes are meant to provide additional information for whoever might work with the model, they are not a database object and therefore are not generated. You need to move the contents inside your Notes tab to the Comment section which can be found on General tab in Entity/Attribute Properties.



Hi Lukas,

Thank you, that worked. However, I originally placed the comments within the Description field of Entities and Attributes when constructing the Conceptual and Logical Models. I would have expected a Description to be moved to a Comments field, not a Notes field.

Yours truly,

Jerry Donahue