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Generate DDL script - Access violation


If you give me PDB debug file, I can say what’s exactly going on inside this GetTypeInfo method and all around…


It takes a week to test?


Hello Jiri,
we are not able to reproduce this bug on our test machines. It must be something specific in your pc. Could you try it on another machine?

Thank you


I have no other machine like this one. Now it’s showing one more message after the load:

Access violation at address 00000000005DDBCB in module ‘TDM.exe’. Read of address 0000000000000078

Object can’t be created! Aborting thread execution


Other exception on button click Next for Reverse Engineering.


Hello Jiri,
we are now able to reproduce original error during generate DDL script. I can confirm that this bug is appear when you install Windows October Update (version 1809) on Windows 10.
Unfortunately there are not workaround at this moment, but it is high priority for us and we work on it. I log it as TDM-4868.
The changes in windows cause error during call jscript from TDM. JScript is called from many parts of TDM.



Any news a week later, please? My TDM is useless now, and I need to do my job.


Hello Jiri,
at this time we tested our Toad Data Modeler Patch. I hope it will be early released. I let you know.



No release after even 2 weeks, please?


The release 6.5.5(resolve problem with Windows October update) should be available at this time on support. I hope very early will be on Toad World.



Hello Jiri,
version 6.5.5 is now available is sectiona Freeware version (down on page below)
Freeware version and full version is same after unlocked by commercial key.



Are you kidding me?

  1. There’s no FREEWARE, only 30-days TRIAL available.
  2. And even this trial is version 6.5.4 from October!


Please go to page

And Scroll down to Get Toad Data Modeler Section
There is link to “Get Limited Free Version”.
It’s trial for 30 days and after it it switch to Freeware. If you have commercial key you can insert it to this application and you will have all functionalities.



It’s working FINE, no exception. Thank you.