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Generate DDL script not creating new tables

I am using Data Modeler 7.1. I recently started getting an issue that when I create new tables in the ERD and then go to generate the DDL script, the newly created tables are not listed in the script. The previous tables, relationships, etc are all still listed in the script. A new sequence is created in the script. But not the new table. I've even gone to the select list, unchecked the "generate" box on top, unchecked all other entities except for the new table, unchecked all other things except to generate entites on the first tab. So the only thing the script should generate is entities and the only entity is the new table. It will generate a blank script with only the header comment. If I select 1 other table along w/ the new table, it will generate the other table script but not for the new table. I have to manually go to the SQL tab of the new table entity in the ERD and grab that script separately from the rest of the script which has all the other tables.

Hi Nina,
there could be more reasons why your entity is not present in script. Probably it is filtered by some settings. I suggest to check schema of entity, selection on tab Select List, generate checkbox on Entity.

If you send me your model I will check all settings. So if you are willing to send it, than please will send it to email (model will be confidential and after analyze it will be deleted.).