Generate SQL - Key option not being saved

I’m using TDM for a SQL Server 2017 model.

I have saved some generation options. I would like to generate only tables and primary keys.
I edit my saved option (or even the default for that matter), go to Entities-> Keys and chose “Create PK Only” and click OK. I go back to edit Edit Entities-> Keys and see that it has reverted back to “Create All Keys”.

I created a brand new model with only one table, with one PK and one AK. The problem persists.

Hello Mary,
I suppose that you are mean model action for generation page "What to Generate". I tried it and it works properly. I found only one case when change is not saved. It is when you don't commit inplace editor in tree and click immediately on OK. Commit Inplace editor is possible by click somewhere else. So I try to describe this process.

  1. Open some model Action for generating SQL script

  2. Expand Tree to see old value

  3. Edit Keys Extended Value and change to Create AK only for example
    At this time value is not confirmed, please click to somewhere else to tree


  1. Click To OK.
  2. Edit It again it should be Create AK Only and it is

I hope this help you

Best Regard

Hi Daril,

I was able to solve the problem by deleting my actions and recreating them. It works fine on a cleanly created action.

The actions that I had trouble with were loaded in from files from a different model. Perhaps something corrupted them. I tried resaving them as a new file, but it didn’t help. There is definitely the possibility of something “anomalous” happening, probably under circumstances that do not happen very often. I had the same thing happen with my Oracle model.

Hello Mary,
I’m glad that your problem is solved.

Unfortunately we are still no able to reproduce it. So if you have stored model that persists in problem and you are willing to send it to email , we appreciate it. Probably it will be possible delete all Entities from this model, so you can hide content of this model. Of course we will keep this model only for test purpose.

Thank you