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re: the Generation dialog

I thought of sharing my experience using the sql Generation Dialog.

  • It doesn’t have a Close button at the bottom. Minor, but a bit annoying when I come to this dialog very often.

  • re: Actions: I am not to sure how Actions are supposed to work. Every time I change a setting in that dialog I am scared that I am going to loose that setting so I end up saving the action - The problem is that it creates a new action every time even when I use the same name instead of overwriting the one with the same name and I end-up having to items with the same name in the Load Action drop-down.

How about renaming Action to Generation Settings and changing the behaviour to overwrite the settings with the same name. Otherwise I have to use numbers, Action01, Action02 … to know which one is the last one which becomes annoying when you make changes and re-generate the script often.

-Not all the foreign keys of the tables I selected are included. In the Referential Integrity tab I checked Always, so I thought all the foreign keys are selected from the tables I selected for generation but that’s not true. I had to go Select List -> Relationships and check them there.

That’s it for now with this dialog.

Overall, my experience with the tool has been so and so. This morning when I came, some changes I made yesterday were gone. I left the program running. Not sure what happened. Maybe there is no point in mentioning it, but what the heck. Now I got into a paranoid mode and I click Apply every time I have a chance and save very often.

Hello Costabas,

Close Button is missing you are right, but there are a lot of buttons(Maybe need redesign). You can use standard shortcut ALT+F4 or cross on right top corner.

When you do generating (Click to Button "Generate" on Generation Form), all settings is automatic save to action "Last Action". When you change some settings and you don't click to Generate button and close Generation form, settings will be lost. You are right that create action with same name is confusing and I created issue TDM-3303 to repair this design. You can track release notes. Unfortunately we are in final phase of version 6.2., so it not will be in this version.

About Foreign Constraints. At first, there are two types how select objects for generation. One is by property "Generate" and second is by tab "Select List". Tab Referential Integrity only restrict this selection (no extend). Default state is that you have all relationships selected, so you can do selection only in Entities list and for restrict relationships use tab "Referential Integrity". This is purpose of this settings.

Property Generate is on bottom of each dialog of object.

We appreciate your for feedback.


Hello Costabas,

TDM-3303 has been fixed in version 6.3 which can be downloaded at…/download-new-releases

For more information about this release please have a look at the Releases Notes at…/technical-documents