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Generated foreign key index names


Is there a way to alter the default auto foreign key index naming convention? It appears to name the index IX_{FK_NAME}. I would like to alter it to {FK_NAME}_IDX. I have this rule in the configured naming conventions but it is only applying to manually created indexes.

I am using TDM Version




it should be possible to set Default Value for the automatically craeted foreign key indexes, unfortunately there is a bug in version 5.1 that causes Access violation errors. The bug was registered in our system under CR 112345. Next version will work fine.

I apologize for the inconvenience. The only workaround is to manually define the name.




Thanks for the update. I look forward to the fix!



I found a hard coded “IX_Relation.Name” in PERCodeGeneratorOR-Script at line 1147 (Modeler Version I used a Oracle-Model

In the “Default Values” is a Point “Relationships” and “Foreign Key Index Name”.

Is it possible to change the Generator-Skript to use that config?




Hi, unfortunately Default Values are not accessible from scripting and due to the above mentioned bug registered in CR 112345 there seems to be no workaround. In version 5.2 that should be released soon the bug will be fixed and I will provide more information about possible solution.




I do not see a follow up to this question for v5.2, as was promised, and I would like the same thing. I am using version Is there a way to affect the names of generated items? Specifically, I have the same need as the original poster… I would like to affect the name of the generated foreign key index without having to put in a name manually for each foreign key.



please accept my apologies for the delayed response. We decided to improve generation of indexes to foreign keys. In older versions it was possible to generate indexes to DDL code, but it always resulted in problems in synchronization (because such generated indexes existed only in database and not in the model as model objects). Version 5.3 introduces the possibility to create indexes to foreign keys as model objects. See attached screenshots.


In Settings | Options, in section **Model | Physical Model ** you can specify Index to Foreign Key Name value.

The key benefit is that you can name the indexes as you wish, you can easily synchronize model with database and get better results of comparisons.