Intellisense-type Hover?

For various reasons I’ve had to spend some time back in SMSS and other editors (which shall go nameless!) recently and I’ve forgotten how nice it is to be able to hover the mouse over a tablename and have its columns and datatypes pop up.

Have I set up Toad for SQL Server incorrectly or is this functionality really not available?


Actually, I don’t know the way you mentioned.

But I can show you another way if can help.

1.Place the cursor beside the object you want to view or select the object in the Editor.

2.Press (SHIFT+F4).



Hi Cathy,

Thanks for the tip! What command is Shift-F4 assigned to by default? I don’t seem to have any Keyboard Shortcut assigned to that particular combo at all.

If you’re referring to F4, then yes: that is indeed the Toad way of seeing the details of an object, but only in full detail in a separate tab. What Intellisense (on SMSS and other environments) offers is a simple pop-up with the column names and datatypes. This is very helpful for on-the-fly coding: popping details up in a separate tab breaks concentration by quite a bit, especially since I have to then click on the Columns tab and eventually switch back to my original Editor tab.

I’m hoping Toad already has this and you’ve assigned it to Shift-F4. It would actually be better for me to have a keyboard shortcut-able command for the same functionality: when I’m firing out code I tend to avoid using the mouse.