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Getting >250 emails on blog posts



Since Monday (2018/11/05), I’ve been getting email notifications for every blog post, whether new or old, regardless of topic. Any idea how I can turn that off? I prefer Mailing List Mode on, but just turned it off to hopefully help the flood.



In your profile settings there’s a Muted list in Notifications > Categories. Add all forums there you wish to ignore. This will block them from being shown on the site in addition to stopping the emails.



Ahh, I think that’ll do it since there’s now a “Blog Posts” category. It appears that new categories are automatically added to one’s notifications and must be explicitly muted. I was wondering why I was getting the occasional DB2 Idea Pond notification…

Thanks Michael!


You’re welcome.

new categories are automatically added to one’s notifications

:point_up: This has gotten me a few times as content is moved to the new community. I’ll gladly take periodic maintenance of my muted list over the old Telligent-based platform though.



“Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.” – G.I. Joe