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Questions about email watches

Yesterday I set up the email watches. Now, every post to this board is sent to my email address, which is what I want.
However, so far I haven’t found a means to distinguish between the Forums. I would like to set up my email client (Thunderbird for that matter) i such a way that the Toad Commercial posts move to one folder and the Toad Beta posts to another.

The forward mechanism sets the “From” field to “{Toad for Oracle} on behalf of {}”. Perhaps the {Toad for Oracle} part can be changed to reflect the Forum the post originates from.

Another thing is that we seem to loose the ability to show the posts as a thread. Threads are extremely useful in showing who is replying to who, which makes it easier to understand the conversation.

Of course it is possible to use the site to read the messages, but I think that is much more time consuming.

Anything that can be done about the threading?


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This is one of the reasons, why I did not like the drop of Yahoo. I’m open
to change, but there are issues mentioned in the past, that are not solved.

Also, why is email (which I receive in GMAIL) twice there. I see the message
from Peter twice. The email with some formatting and the “Original” (?)
without formatting. After that there is a section “Historical Posts for this
thread” in which the whole thread is shown unformatted. Not for this email,
because it is the first, but maybe this one will be there.


On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 11:30, {Toad for Oracle} on behalf of {Peter van

The message doubling will stop when we switch over.


I’m not so sure our new Jive board will be exactly like this one. We setup an internal test board and I was able to setup a rule similar to what you mentioned below, but I’m not sure how messages coming from the 3 different boards will be distinguished so we can setup our rules accordingly. On our test board, the messages came from 1 particular e-mail address so I’m guessing messages from each board will have a unique e-mail address, but don’t quote me on that.

I also don’t think we will lose the ability to view posts as threads.

I’ve copied Melanie who is heading up these new communities. She should be able to help you more than I can.


Hi Peter,

Brad is correct. You should be able to create a rule to sort the forums to different folders. I believe you can sort based on the From field, but if that doesn’t work you should be able to sort by keywords in the Subject line. I have attached a sample forum email from when we were testing the system (the links and images are probably broken).

The name of our test community was ‘Development Team,’ and you can see that the email is prefaced with [Development Team]. Our new forums will be prefaced in the same way. You will need to wait until the new forums are live to set up your rules.

The formatting of our new system is much better in my opinion, and it does a great job of maintaining threads both online and in email.


Thank you for your response Melanie, I suppose that answers my questions.
Hopefully and/or fearfully waiting for the new things to emerge. :slight_smile:


I don’t think Melanie’s answer is working out as expected after all.


What I am seeing is that all messages from the board have the same “From” email-address ( and there is no way to distinguish between the fora based on the subject line as you suggested would be the case.

Also I’m experiencing that it is not possible to view the mails in a threaded way, as I asked in my first post on this subject.

I hope there is something you or I can do about this.

kind regards,

Haven’t been around for a couple of weeks, and thought the migration to the new boards would be a fact by now. I now understand that the migration has been postponed for a couple of weeks. In that case my messages regarding this issue are too early.
My apologies.