Not receiving emails

I notice that i have stopped receiving both Toad and Toad beta emails. I suspected something on our side, but I see a few other similar posts. Anything I should check?

click your icon in the top right, then the gear icon in the dropdown. That will take you to your account preferences. One of the categories on the left is “emails”

Yeah, I looked at that. What is “mailing list mode”? Do i need to turn that on?

I think so. It's on for me and I get emails. Here are my settings:

It won't send you an email for a message if you are on the site and have read a message.

You might also have to go to Notifications -> Categories and include "Toad for Oracle" and/or "Toad for Oracle - Beta" in the "Watched section. (and you may or may not want to mute everything else).

Okay, I turned it on. Guess we’ll see what happens.