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ToadforMySQL_Freeware 8 ,cant select where chinese word

Dear :slight_smile:
I download ToadforMySQL_Freeware_8.0.0.296
connet to mysql 5.2 ,the db use utf8mb4_general_ci

I use win10 x64

if : select * from TB where col like 'AA%'
==> it can select something

if: select * from TB where col like '中文%'
==> i'm sure ,col has '中文',but it can't get it.

where ToadforMySQL_Freeware_8.0.0.296 can set connet with utf8 ?

Hi, welcome.
Toad for MySQL is not supported tool anymore. I recommend using Toad Edge
Miroslav Stanik

Thx for your suggestion.
1.I use Toad Edge,but the autocomplete hists often doesn't work .like img as=>Image%202

it work on Toad for mysql is great,but Road edge is not work.

2.Does it possible to use a command to set encode in Eidtor for Toad for MySQL 。

@Filip.Cevela is it possible to set encoding?