Getting Error Access violation at address 004990FC in module TDM.exe

I am getting :
Getting Error Access violation at address 004990FC in module TDM.exe : Read of Address 00000004

When I am converting a logical model of an Oracle database ( to SQL Server 2008. The model is approx 2800 + objects.

While I am thinking that the issue is memory corruption, I do not see any messages in the Windows Event log.

I am using a Trial Edition for product evaluation. Like the tool but need to be able to migrate the logical model to several different RDBMS.


We need to ask you for more information. Thanks in advance.

  1. Please send us your Eurekalog with the details on the error. - TDM.elf file that is stored by default at:
    C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler

  2. You write you perform LER conversion of Oracle db. to SQL Server…
    Do you perform:
    a) LER to PER conversion (Logical model to Oracle OR SQL Server 2008 db)
    b) PER to PER conversion (Oracle model to SQL Server model)
    If b), did you reverse Oracle db?

  3. For the conversion, do you use the Sync&Convert Wizard or Simple Model Conversion?

  4. Before you perform the conversion, please try to do the Test Model: Firstly, enable Expert Mode: Settings | Options | General | select the Expert Mode checkbox. Confirm.
    Secondly, right-click your model name in Model Explorer and select Test Model. Does it return any messages in Message Explorer? If so, please select the Repair Model option then.

  5. You write you are using the trial version, which means you cannot save your model if it has more than 25 entities. Anyway, can you reproduce the problem on a small model too (part of your big model)? If so, could you please send us the model for further verification? (Please send it to Thank you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Vladka + TDM Team