Getting used to Toad for Data Analysts


Having started a new job recently and coming from using ‘Toad for Oracle’ to using ‘Toad for Data Analysts’, i am struggling to get used to some of the features - or to be more accurate - lack of features - which i am used to.

I have three questions which im hoping some of you will be able to answer as im totally struggling to get used to this version of Toad, having used the other one for 5 years.

  1. When i inject new XML data into the database to a particular table, on the version of Toad i was used to, i used to press the refresh button which then showed the new data being updated into this table (it looked like a small arrow). However i cant seem to see such button on Toad for Data Analysts - im either having to change tables then go back or press F5 (which isnt ideal). Is there a refresh button within Toad for Data Analysts?

  2. On Toad for Oracle, when i wanted to view 1 particular record, i would select this record from the list and then select the small ‘book’ icon in the corner which would then display all the details on screen - which made it very useful and easy to understand. However on Toad for Data Analysts i just cant see such a helpful option available. The only option i see which reflects something similar to this is by right clicking next to the record -> show -> card view. The problem with this is that when you execute an SQL query, this option doesnt seem to be accessable - it only seems to be accessable via the ‘database explorer’ without running a query.

  3. When putting your curser position over a line of SQL within Toad for Oracle, there was the option being able to just press CTRL and Enter - which would execute the current SQL. However this doesnt appear to work in Toad for Data Analysts, it seems you need to press the green arrow execute arrow at the top of screen to execute SQL. Is there an option to activate this?

Sorry for these questions but no one in my new office seems to be able to answer these questions which is why im coming here for some guidance and advice.

I await your reply

Thanks in advance



Here are some quick answers to your questions.

RE 1) There is a refresh button on the toolbar (looks like two green arrows going in a circle). Or from the View menu there is a Refresh and Refresh all.

RE 2) I think you are talking about a popup viewer. Currently we do not have this. I entered an ER for this (CR77352).

RE 3) F5 is the default shortcut to execute a script. You can go to the options and choose Keyboard shortcuts under Environment and set your own. There is also a set of shortcuts to match toad for Oracle. I’d give that a try.

Let me know if you have any more questions.