'Refresh Grid Data' options

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Ups - copy/paste from word - can’t get rid of the xml.

In Toad 9.5 you could set ‘Refresh Grid Data’ options via right-click in the Schema Browser and you could set them separately for tables and views.

In Toad 10.5 these options have been moved to TOAD-options and can not be set separately.

The problem is, that these options don’t seem to have any affect on views anymore.

Am I missing something?


It should work on both, but maybe there is a bug. If you can tell me more about
your view, I may be able to help.

I’ve been investigating a bit further and I’ve found something odd.

In my Toad.ini under [GRIDSETTINGS] there was no ‘RefreshAfterUpdate’.
I manually inserted the ‘RefreshAfterUpdate’ and changing the value here seems to work.

Then I realized that in TOAD-options ‘Refresh grid data’ changing ‘After Inserts’ has no effect and changing ‘After updates’ changes both 'After Inserts’and ‘After updates’ and only ‘RefreshAfterInsert’ in Toad.ini.

I don’t know if there is something wrong with my installation or this is a minor bug?


Ah-hah! Good detective work, thank you. I will have it fixed in the next

OK - fine.

I don’t know about the detective work though - I’m afraid it was more in the accidentally stumbling upon department