Git and the .exe


we have several developers which use GIT but are not administrator of Teamcoding. If there is a new PC/developer or even a new TeamCoding Project every time the git.exe needs to be defined by the developer, but he is not allowed to do on his PC because the setting of the executable is only allowed to the administrator. So a administrator of teamcoding needs to be logging in to the developers PC for setting the exe. Is it possible to allow this setting for every user in TeamCoding, or even move this to the user settings or even higher level in de executables in TOAD?


Hey Herald,

I’m not sure I’m following the question. It sounds like you’re trying to set a custom path for each developer’s PC to the git.exe application on that PC? If so, you don’t need to do that if the git.exe application is located in the PC’s PATH variable. TOAD will find the Git command-line client automatically without any custom setting from the user. If, however, you still want to set it manually, all the user would need to do is go to the “General” page within TOAD’s Options window, click on the “Open Folder” button under “Application data directory”, go into the “User Files” folder, and edit the GIT.INI file. For Toad 12.10 and earlier, add or edit the “CCEXE” key under the “[GENERAL]” section with the full path to the EXE. For Toad 12.11+, the key’s name will simply be “EXE”.

Let me know if I’m not following your question correctly, but I hope that helps to address what you need.


Hi John,

what I tried was to use the button under Team projects in teamcoding for setting the Executable for Git. That works normally but not if you lack administrator rights. That was what I was referring to in my question, but didn’t mentioned it properly.

Git after installation is not default in the Windows path, but we can edit it. The ini is also an option, but I didn’t think about it to do it that way, so this is a good tip and I will try. Possibly even save the git.ini and distribute it for new developers/pc, that makes it easier.