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Git version control within Toad Data Point 4.x?

  1. I’ve read through various articles about using version control in Toad Data point 4.x and everything I’ve seen references SVN. Does anyone know if 4.2 supports GIT?
  2. In the options screen under Version Control it says you must right click on a database in “Object Explorer” and select Version Control Wizard. HOWEVER, this option does not exist in object explorer. I’ve seen screenshots on some blog posts that show the user right-clicking in the “connection manager” to do version control wizard, but I don’t see that option either.


In TDP we support only File Version Control (right-click on header of Editor tab). In this type of version control we have for now only SVN.

What you describe is Object Version Control and we support this only in other Toads which are more related for DBA users. In this versin tool we have TFS and (simplify)GIT integration.