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I have been asked to move all of our Toad Data Point automations into a central source control repository.

While I can do this by hand, it does make it difficult to manage - we have about 200 active automation scripts, and trying to keep up with all of the changes and ensure they’re checked in and documented is going to quickly get behind.

Currently in TDP 3.8, the only version control options are on a database level - while this is quite useful for database objects, it doesn’t help with automations or other scripts.

Are there any plans to add version control options for items like Automation scripts? We use Team Foundation Services for our VC.

Actually TDP 3.8 does not have version control on a database level. We only offer that in the Toad for Db2, Toad for SQL Server and Toad for SAP versions.

Instead, TDP 3.8 has File version control which sounds like just what you need. This is only available for Subversion and our SQL Edtior, Query Builder and automation script files. To set up right click on the tab and use the Version Control set up wizard. See the help file for details on operations and version control repository window. This was newly added in TDP 3.8

Hi Debbie,

There appears to be some conflicting information re: Version/Source control within TDP 3.8's own panels:

In Options, it specifically refers to Database Version Control:

When I go to the File Version Control Wizard, it specifically mentions support for TFS, but the only type available is Subversion. Will support for TFS be added?

TDP 3.8 File Version Control Wizard TFS.png

I know what you are referring to. We are trying to share the same version control control and it didn’t come out too well and we ran out of time. It is not on the current roadmap to support TFS. Is that what you use? What version?

Hi Debbie,

Yes, we use TFS for pretty much everything - personally, all of my databases are stored in TFS as well as all of our SSIS packages, SSRS reports, SSAS cube definitions, etc.

I know that Toad for Oracle supports TFS, at least in the latest version (12.8), so I was hoping TDP would support it as well.

I entered QAT-7905 for this enhancement.

Awesome! Thank you :slight_smile: