How do you set up version control?

How do you set up version control in TDP 6.x (for SQL Server)? The options dialog says this:

But following those instructions and right-clicking on a database doesn't show any version control option.

Looks like the use of Version Control was documented in the User Guides of TDP until early 5.x versions. Since then, the docs don't mention it, but it appears that it was never taken out of the product.

Keep in mind that for TDP, it's not the database objects that are supported for versioning (as in other Toad products like Toad for SQL Server, etc.), but Toad file types, e.g. SQL scripts (.sql), Editor files (.tef), ER diagrams (.ter) and such. Also, to my knowledge, we never supported anything other than Subversion in TDP.

See snap below, where I can still bring up the Version Control wizard by right-clicking on a tab (Editor tab in my case). I'll raise this to Quest R&D, since the VC feature still appears in the product, but is no longer documented. Stay tuned for clarity.

Looks like only Subversion is supported?

Correct, only Subversion is supported currently. Also, heard from Quest R&D that the teams will be taking version control out of TDP by end of next year, since Quest's upcoming (new) product, Toad Data Studio, will have an improved version of VC support.

Hope this clarifies things for now.

Woah, tell me more about Toad Data Studio?

I've been using Toad for over 10 years (first Toad for Data Analysts and now Toad Data Point) and it has been a requirement of mine when I have switched jobs and moved to new companies. Recently though, I've become a little frustrated and have been (sadly) exploring alternatives, particularly dbForge Studio. Can you share more about this new product?

Toad Data Studio is the new product that Gary mentioned and it will be released early January. It is based on Toad Data Point core (so the look and feel is the same) but it will focus more on technical users (meaning it will include schema compare, better xml & JSON support, integration to GIT, etc) and will continue to grow in these technical area. Toad Data Point is primarily developed for analysts and will continue to grow in ways that help bridge the gap between the traditional analysts and more business users.

I would be very interested in hearing about your frustrations with Toad Data Point and understanding your use cases (specifically where you are finding Toad Data Point not up to the job). We can provide you with a beta and/or long-term trial of Toad Data Studio if we find that is a better fit.

You can answer on this thread or reach out to me directly at