Glossary Support for Phrases

Are there plans for Word Replacement to support phrases? I see the Glossary files are set to support this as I entered the following in the word replacement Words area:

Key Message=KM

Then I exported the Glossary and opened it with UltraEdit to see the following entry:

"Key Message";KM

This tells me the plumbing is in place to handle a phrase, the functionality in the Application just does not seem to be there yet.

Hi Michael,
It is designed as word replacement. So it needed to identify delimiter for word (by default space).
At this time is not in plan to change it.
You can use instead this one two expression
I understand that it is not exactly same, but I hope that it will be suitable for you.



I took a similar approach and started using phrases as single words so they could be correctly replaced like KeyMessage or DateTime . The Logical Model does not look as clean as it could, but it generated the correct Physical implementation.