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Grant and Possible Other Bugs in Schema Comparison?


I was provided a generated sdxml for a particular schema and the comparison to a live schema is reporting missing column level grants. It appears to be embedded in the sdxml file and was produced via other source methods like table ddl/grt generation from Toad and expdp. I can’t load any newer version of Toad on this machine yet. There is an error file provided along with the sdxml indicating an “error while attempting to write the XML file. — STR: Error - An invalid character was found in the text context”. No objects were listed. I’ve also see some false positives for “not really” missing foreign keys. They are really in the source but the comparison reported them missing.I’m banking a lot on this comparison process and this is a little concerning. I can resolve false positives, but true negatives have me concerned.


That file is just in XML format, so if there is any question of its content, you can just look at it with notepad or an XML editor.

It’s hard for me to comment without having the file or steps to reproduce the problem. That STR error does not sound familiar to me. Do you have any object names in the database that require double quotes? Mixed case or numbers shouldn’t be a problem, but I have seen cases where single quotes or tildes, stuff like that, could cause a problem (things that are allowed with double quotes, but really have no business being part of the name of an object in the database!)