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If I F4 describe a table or a view, the Script tab shows me any
“grant” statements associated with it. Why not the same with the
“Source” tab for functions? Is there a difference between
“Script” and “Source”, or did we have two people or
teams naming them?

And what determines the order of the tabs? “Source” comes first with
functions, “Script” comes second with views, and
“Script” comes sixth with tables.

Thanks much,


Daniel B Madvig
Computer Technologies

Northwestern College & Northwestern Media
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St. Paul, MN 55113



Jim McDaniel originally named them both. I just continued with the convention
when he left and I took over the Schema Browser.

I think of a “script” as a series of one or more sql statements. In
most of the SB RHS tabs, the script tab contains:

The sql statements to drop the object (optional)

The sql statements to create the object

The sql statements to create related objects (indexes, grants, synonyms, etc)

I think of “source” as the stuff you find in dba_source for a given

I’m not sure what would happen if we added grants and synonyms
(optionally, of course) to the end of the data on the ‘Source’ tab
for those. For package/proc/func describe windows, I’d have to add an
extra level in the navigator tree. That would probably be the only change

You can get the ‘script’ for proc/func/packages using the LHS
‘Script’ toolbar button.

The first tab on the RHS is what I thought would be most important to users
(there is also a little bit of ‘what loads fastest’ factored in
there too). You can right-click on those RHS tabs to rename or rearrange them.

Thanks, Mon. J