View Scripts and All_Policy_Groups View

One of my team members is having an issue opening the script tab for views in
the Schema Browser. Whenever the tab is selected in takes minutes to return.
None of the rest of us sees this problem. Using SQL Tracker he sees a call to
the ALL_Policy_Groups view, but we do not. Is there an option that can cause
that. It happens for 10.5.1 and 10.6.



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Click the first button on the Script tab – it will show you the script

There is a checkbox for policy groups under “Other Related Objects”,
on the “Tables” tab.

See attached.


Thanks. I should have thought of that. I had unchecked those selections a long time ago due to not needing the info and performance issues. Others had followed suit. The user had a new computer in which all settings did not get copied over. That view queries synonyms and we have a LOT of them.